Fortanix Inc. Achieves Elite IMDA Accreditation, Bolstering Data Security Worldwide

In the digital age, data is a prized asset, yet it is continuously under threat from the ever-looming specter of cyber-attacks and breaches. The paramount importance of data security has led to a relentless pursuit of innovation in the field, and Fortanix Inc. has emerged as a vanguard in this quest. The company’s recent accreditation by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore is a remarkable milestone, signaling a new era in data protection and compliance on a global scale.

Singapore, with its rigorous data protection laws and a visionary stance on cybersecurity, sets a formidable benchmark for enterprises seeking to engage with its burgeoning digital economy. Under the vigilant gaze of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), IMDA enforces these stringent standards, thereby ensuring that innovation does not come at the expense of personal data security. Fortanix’s achievement in securing the IMDA accreditation is a resounding endorsement of their capability to fulfill these demanding criteria, demonstrating their prowess in data security and their synchronization with prevailing industry standards.

The significance of Fortanix’s IMDA accreditation echoes through the corridors of the global data security community. Edwin Low, Director of Enterprise & Ecosystem Development at IMDA, has praised Fortanix for joining this elite program, acknowledging their expertise and pioneering solutions that address the risks associated with data exposure in today’s complex hybrid multicloud environments. Such commendation from a figure of Low’s stature further solidifies Fortanix’s standing as a data security authority.

At the core of Fortanix’s expansive and versatile suite of solutions is the principle of Data Exposure Management for the Modern Enterprise. This progressive strategy emphasizes the protection of data privacy and compliance at all operational levels, with a particular focus on Confidential Computing—a vital component in the fight against data breaches and the assurance of privacy compliance.

Fortanix diverges from traditional perimeter defense strategies and instead champions data exposure management, a move that resonates with the Zero Trust enterprise architecture philosophy. This strategic pivot is crucial in addressing the challenges brought about by the advent of post-quantum computing. By streamlining the identification and reduction of data exposure risks, Fortanix equips businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to safeguard their most critical information assets.

The company’s unified data security platform distinguishes itself by enabling enterprises to discover, assess, and remediate data exposure risks with remarkable efficiency. This facility not only secures the privacy and compliance of sensitive data but also instills confidence in customers and government bodies that their information is in safe hands. Fortanix’s team, composed of industry pioneers and cryptography and Confidential Computing experts, is at the helm of the data security revolution, offering bespoke solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of modern businesses.

The IMDA accreditation not only amplifies Fortanix’s market visibility but also serves as incontrovertible evidence of its data security acumen. Anand Kashyap, CEO and Co-founder of Fortanix, articulates his appreciation for being admitted to the IMDA Accreditation program, underscoring the company’s pledge to assist businesses in adhering to data protection statutes like the Personal Data Protection Act.

As Fortanix continues its trajectory of innovation and expansion, it solidifies its role as a dependable ally for enterprises and governmental entities worldwide, fortifying their cybersecurity defenses. The direct procurement of Fortanix products by government agencies in Singapore marks a pivotal moment in the company’s expansion within the ASEAN/APAC markets and reinforces its dedication to the protection of the world’s most valuable commodity—data.

Fortanix’s IMDA accreditation is more than mere recognition; it serves as a call to action for businesses and organizations across the globe to elevate their data security protocols. In an increasingly intricate digital domain, collaborations between premier security providers like Fortanix and regulatory authorities like IMDA are instrumental in securing a future where digital innovation can flourish safely. With its avant-garde technology, comprehensive solution portfolio, and steadfast commitment to data security, Fortanix doesn’t just anticipate the future—it shapes it, providing the essential tools and technologies necessary to safeguard data in the contemporary enterprise.

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