Pioneering AR: Sector 5 Digital Teams with Top Architecture Firm

Dallas, TX – In a bold leap towards revolutionizing business campus visualization, Sector 5 Digital (S5D), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Glimpse Group, Inc., has embarked on a transformative journey. This groundbreaking venture, born out of a landmark partnership with a renowned global architecture firm, is set to redefine how business campuses are perceived and experienced. The collaboration, which targets a multinational retail company, merges cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling to showcase a state-of-the-art business campus in a manner never seen before.

Sector 5 Digital, celebrated for its prowess in immersive content development, is at the forefront of this innovative project. The aim is to create an augmented reality (AR) experience that breathes life into blueprints, transforming static images into dynamic, interactive experiences. By integrating advanced AR navigation systems, photo-realistic lenses, and interactive 360-degree content, the project promises to offer an immersive experience that is both visually captivating and educational. These features are made accessible through WebAR, an AR platform that requires no app downloads and can be easily accessed via a web browser. The primary objective of this venture is to animate the business campus in ways that traditional methods cannot. Through various lenses, visitors will be able to explore the campus, delving into the environmental and cultural impacts of the development on surrounding neighborhoods. This immersive experience is not just about visual appeal; it serves as a comprehensive educational tool for stakeholders, providing nuanced insights into the broader implications of the campus. Sector 5 Digital’s in-house studio, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is the powerhouse behind this project. Boasting capabilities in VR, AR, 3D modeling, animation, film and video production, and interactive game technology, S5D is poised to deliver an experience that could potentially expand to include Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and other immersive elements in the future.

At the helm of this initiative are Sam Losar, General Manager of Sector 5 Digital, and Maydan Rothblum, CFO & COO of The Glimpse Group, Inc. Their leadership and vision are instrumental in steering the project towards success. The transparency and accessibility of the company’s leadership are underscored by their willingness to engage with interested parties and provide further insights into this ambitious endeavor. The Glimpse Group, listed on NASDAQ as VRAR and on FSE as 9DR, is a diversified immersive technology platform company. It specializes in providing enterprise-focused VR, AR, and Spatial Computing software and services, aiming to build scale and a robust ecosystem within the immersive technology industry. By leveraging its diversified platform, The Glimpse Group offers investors a unique opportunity to invest directly into the burgeoning immersive sector, driving innovation and setting new standards for the industry.

Sector 5 Digital has carved a niche for itself in the realm of immersive content development. The company excels in transforming brands through innovative digital content, offering a range of services that span marketing, communications, sales, entertainment, visualization, and simulation. By leveraging their extensive capabilities, S5D continues to work with some of the world’s largest brands, delivering unparalleled immersive experiences that push the boundaries of what is possible. The press release disseminated via ACCESSWIRE includes a safe harbor statement for forward-looking information, acknowledging that these statements, based on current expectations, forecasts, and assumptions, involve risks and uncertainties. The company notes that actual results may differ materially from those expressed in forward-looking statements and assumes no obligation to update the information provided. For more information, interested parties can visit The Glimpse Group’s website at and Sector 5 Digital’s website at

This partnership between Sector 5 Digital and a leading global architecture firm marks a significant milestone in the use of immersive technologies for business campus visualization. By integrating AR, photo-realistic lenses, and interactive content, the project not only enhances the visual experience but also educates and engages stakeholders on the environmental and cultural impacts of the development. As the immersive technology landscape continues to evolve, Sector 5 Digital and The Glimpse Group are at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new standards for the industry.

The future of business visualization is here, and it’s immersive, interactive, and incredibly insightful. This groundbreaking AR initiative is set to not only redefine how business campuses are showcased but also pave the way for future advancements in the world of immersive technology. With Sector 5 Digital and The Glimpse Group leading the charge, the business world can look forward to a new era of digital transformation and engagement. This collaboration, encompassing advanced AR technology and visionary leadership, heralds a new chapter in business campus visualization. As industry leaders, Sector 5 Digital and The Glimpse Group are not just shaping the present but also charting a course for the future, where immersive experiences become the norm, and digital transformation is the key to unlocking new possibilities. The stage is set for a revolutionary shift, and the business world is poised to embrace this exciting, interactive future.

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