Rackspace and Sharestates Transform Real Estate Investments with AWS Cloud Move

In a significant move that has redefined operational paradigms within the real estate investment sector, Rackspace Technology and Sharestates have forged a transformative partnership centered around Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Sharestates, an eminent online marketplace renowned for its tailored lending solutions in real estate, has markedly enhanced its infrastructure by migrating to the AWS Cloud platform, with Rackspace Technology expertly guiding the process.

This collaboration between Rackspace Technology and Sharestates transcends a typical business alliance; it epitomizes an innovative initiative designed to elevate Sharestates to unprecedented levels of operational efficiency and user experience. Rackspace Technology meticulously orchestrated a seamless migration process, ensuring a smooth transition for Sharestates with comprehensive documentation and mapping that minimized disruptions and downtime. This initiative was aimed at not just maintaining but significantly enhancing the service quality of Sharestates for both investors and borrowers.

The tangible benefits of this strategic partnership were immediately apparent post-migration. Sharestates experienced a considerable elevation in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Investors found themselves navigating a more responsive and intuitive user interface, while internal staff benefited from improved reporting capabilities. Borrowers, on their part, enjoyed accelerated processing speeds, resulting in a smoother and more efficient lending experience. The optimization of web application modules further underscored the positive impact this migration had on Sharestates’ operations.

One of the standout achievements following the migration was the remarkable improvement in banking transfer processing speeds. This enhancement was a testament to the strategic foresight and execution prowess of Rackspace Technology. By adopting a single-phase migration strategy over a weekend, as recommended by Rackspace, Sharestates managed to transition seamlessly without any service interruptions. This showcased the efficiency and expertise of the migration team.

Rackspace’s deployment of the Landing Zone Accelerator on AWS further solidified Sharestates’ operational foundation. Within a mere two weeks, Rackspace established a secure and compliant landing zone. Utilizing the AWS Application Migration Service and proprietary scripts, the migration team efficiently transferred a substantial 3TB of data across 11 servers. This demonstrated Rackspace’s commitment to delivering results both swiftly and effectively.

Beyond the immediate operational improvements, the migration to AWS brought Sharestates a myriad of advantages. These included cost-effectiveness, enhanced industry adoption, superior redundancy capabilities, modernized infrastructure, heightened security measures, and increased operational efficiency. With this robust new infrastructure in place, complemented by ongoing monitoring services from Rackspace and internal system maintenance, Sharestates is now well-positioned for sustained growth in the fiercely competitive real estate lending market.

Since its inception in 2014, Sharestates has funded over $3 billion in projects nationwide. The company’s success is attributed to its seasoned leadership team, sound underwriting practices, and robust relationships with stakeholders. The AWS migration further optimized Sharestates’ operations, scalability, and customer experience, reinforcing its status as a frontrunner in the industry.

Rackspace Technology, renowned for its end-to-end hybrid, multicloud, and AI technology services, has consistently demonstrated its prowess in designing, building, and operating cloud environments for customers across a variety of major technology platforms. By partnering with businesses at every stage of their cloud journey, Rackspace empowers them to modernize and adopt cutting-edge technologies. This partnership with Sharestates is a prime example of Rackspace’s ability to facilitate significant technological transformations.

The successful collaboration between Rackspace Technology and Sharestates not only underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in driving business growth but also highlights the transformative power of modern infrastructure solutions. This partnership has enhanced customer experiences, optimized operations, and scaled businesses for future success. The migration to AWS marks a groundbreaking shift toward modernization, efficiency, and innovation for Sharestates, setting a new benchmark for infrastructure optimization and cloud technology adoption in the real estate investment sector.

In today’s digital landscape, where technological advancements dictate the trajectory of businesses, the partnership between Rackspace Technology and Sharestates stands as a beacon of innovation and progress. It showcases the immense potential of strategic collaborations and cutting-edge cloud technologies in revolutionizing operational capabilities and driving success in the real estate investment domain. The journey of Rackspace Technology and Sharestates is a testament to how modern infrastructure solutions can redefine industry standards and propel businesses into a new era of efficiency and growth.

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