Revolutionizing Memories: JEM’s New Face Recognition Tech

In the midst of 2024, a remarkable technological innovation is poised to transform our connection with cherished memories. Jewish Educational Media (JEM) has introduced an advanced face recognition technology that promises unprecedented search accessibility to an expansive archive of half a million photographs documenting interactions with the Rebbe. Launched on June 30, 2024, this groundbreaking technology is set to redefine how we preserve and relive our most treasured moments.

For many individuals, the most valuable gift is a living memory of a personal encounter with the Rebbe. Whether it involves receiving a dollar, participating in Kos Shel Bracha, or engaging in one of the numerous personal interactions often captured in photographs, these moments hold profound sentimental value. Thirty years since Gimmel Tammuz, the longing for these memories has only intensified, and JEM’s new technology aims to fulfill this yearning in an unprecedented way.

The joy of discovering a previously unknown snapshot of a personal moment with the Rebbe is truly indescribable. JEM’s state-of-the-art face recognition technology now brings this joy within reach. Accessible via JEM’s photo archive website (, the system allows users to upload a photo and scan the extensive archives for similar faces. With half a million photos of personal interactions already in the database, the potential for discovery is immense.

The process is straightforward yet profound. Users begin by selecting a clear photo of themselves or a family member from around the time they interacted with the Rebbe. The clarity of the photo enhances the accuracy of the results. They then visit the face recognition page on JEM’s website and upload their chosen photo. The system swiftly scans hundreds of thousands of photos and displays the results that most closely match the uploaded image. These results can be shared with family or ordered via the website, and video stills are also included in the search, with video encounters available for purchase.

This innovative feature is part of JEM’s ongoing mission to bring everyone closer to the Rebbe. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, JEM offers an unparalleled level of accessibility to its cherished archives, allowing users to discover personal connections to the Rebbe that they may have never known existed. The JEM tech team has been diligently working over the past year to fine-tune the face recognition technology, ensuring it is as accurate and user-friendly as possible. While it remains a work in progress, the feature is now available to the public in honor of Gimmel Tammuz. Initially, it will be open and accessible to everyone for one month, after which it will become an exclusive benefit for JEM Members.

JEM has been transparent about the current limitations of the face recognition feature. The number of results and the comprehensiveness of the photo database are still being improved, and updates will be rolled out in future versions. Although the technology is not yet 100% accurate, JEM is committed to continuously refining it and expanding the photo database. Special thanks are extended to Motti Hazan and Memke Schmukler from the archive team, Levi Naki and Levik Shmotkin from the Product and Design team, Elchonon Korenblit, and the entire technology team. Deep appreciation is also expressed to Rabbis Elkanah Shmotkin and Mendel Gourarie for their vision and leadership.

JEM remains dedicated to sharing the Rebbe with all, and this new feature stands as a testament to that commitment. The possibilities it offers are truly exciting, and JEM looks forward to helping more people deepen their connection to the Rebbe through this revolutionary technology. By visiting, users can experience this groundbreaking innovation and uncover their personal moments with the Rebbe, bringing cherished memories to life in ways never before possible.

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