Semilux International Introduces Revolutionary LiDAR System for Self-Driving Vehicles

In the dynamic field of autonomous driving technology, Semilux International Ltd. has taken a formidable step forward by announcing an ambitious research and development collaboration program. This endeavor is centered on the advancement of solid-state LiDAR modules, signaling a significant development in the realm of driverless vehicle technology. The initiative is a product of a strategic alliance with leading experts from National Chung Hsing University, Turing Drive, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The program’s primary goal is to harness the comprehensive capabilities of LiDAR technology to catalyze transformative progress in the autonomous vehicles and low-speed logistics industries.

The program is under the leadership of Dr. Yung-Peng Chang, Semilux’s Chairman of the Board and Co-CEO, whose vision is to debut high-resolution products capable of long-range detection. This will be made possible through the utilization of cutting-edge Optical Phased Array (OPA) technology. Semilux’s partnership with TCO, a distinguished entity in the field of optical components and integrated chips, exemplifies the strategic leveraging of Taiwan’s robust semiconductor vertical supply chain. This collaboration is poised to accelerate innovation and expedite the development of autonomous vehicle technology.

Semilux has delineated an ambitious trajectory for its LiDAR products, targeting their integration into the railway system by 2024. This represents a substantial advancement in the fusion of progressive technologies with established transportation infrastructure. The planned execution of field trials using mini electric buses promises to yield critical empirical data. Such insights are anticipated to be instrumental in refining the performance of the LiDAR modules, thereby optimizing their application in real-world scenarios.

The company operates with a strong ethos of transparency and accountability, aligning its practices with the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Semilux’s collaboration program is fortified by the expertise provided by National Chung Hsing University and enjoys the support of the National Science and Technology Council in Taiwan. The initiative is structured to bridge the traditionally observed divide between academia and industry, thereby cultivating an environment rich in innovation and cooperative endeavors. This approach is key to fostering significant strides in technological evolution.

As Semilux looks to the horizon, its objective is to bring the program to fruition by 2025. Achieving this milestone will signal the dawn of a new epoch in autonomous driving technology, characterized by enhanced safety, heightened efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability within the automotive sector. The company’s unwavering dedication to technological creativity and the delivery of market-responsive solutions places Semilux at the vanguard of realizing the extensive capabilities of LiDAR technology. This positions the company as a leader in the movement towards a future dominated by sophisticated autonomous driving systems.

As Semilux International Ltd. continues to forge ahead with its pioneering LiDAR technology solutions and the collaborative R&D program, those interested in gaining deeper insights or joining this exciting journey towards an innovatively driven future are encouraged to reach out to the Investor Relations Department. Through this engagement, stakeholders can be part of a thrilling venture that promises to reshape the landscape of autonomous driving technology.

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