Summer Tech Camp Sparks Student Enthusiasm with Hands-On Digital Training

In the quaint town of Pembroke, North Carolina, the Emerging Technology Institute (ETI) is poised to launch a digital skills summer camp that is set to redefine the educational landscape for its attendees. The ETI, alongside the CIS Academy and the UNCP Business Hub’s X8 LAB, has meticulously crafted a summer program that will take place from July 8 through August 1. This initiative is designed to immerse students in the expansive world of technology, providing them with a platform to learn, experiment, and innovate under the mentorship of experts who are adept in their respective fields.

Central to the camp’s ethos is a curriculum that places a premium on artificial intelligence and digital skills, endeavoring to equip participants with a practical understanding of various technological domains. The camp’s founder, James Freeman, is the driving force behind this vision, with an aim to create an environment that transcends traditional learning paradigms. He advocates for an approach that is rooted in hands-on engagement with avant-garde technologies, setting the stage for an educational experience that is as enriching as it is dynamic.

The camp’s curriculum is ingeniously designed to blend academic learning with stimulating activities, ensuring that every day is filled with discovery and excitement. Students will have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of 3D printing, game design, and robotics, as well as develop their capabilities in coding, web development, and AI systems. The program also includes innovative components such as virtual escape room design and AI creations, ensuring that participants receive a holistic and contemporary technological education.

Beyond the acquisition of technical skills, the camp offers a unique platform for students to forge connections with peers who share their enthusiasm for technology. This collaborative environment not only enhances the learning experience but also catalyzes the exchange of ideas and cultivates a vibrant community within the realm of technology. Participants are encouraged to work together, thus expanding their intellectual horizons and unlocking their creative potential.

Keenan Locklear, the STEM Coordinator, emphasizes the transformative impact that the camp is expected to have on the participants’ technological proficiency. With a capacity for 30 students, the camp is inclusive of current CIS Academy students and rising 6th-graders. This diversity ensures a rich tapestry of perspectives and a shared commitment to diving headfirst into the technological milieu.

The program’s structure is such that it provides a comprehensive exposure to a wide array of tech concepts. Students will navigate the foundations of AI and unravel the complexities of web development, acquiring vital knowledge and competencies that will serve as a foundation for potential future endeavors within the tech industry.

The camp is more than a mere educational endeavor; it is a catalyst for the development of essential skills that are crucial in the current technology-centric world. The diverse range of activities, coupled with a cooperative learning environment, is designed to instill a lasting passion for technology and motivate students to explore the myriad possibilities that the field has to offer.

Facilitated by the Emerging Technology Institute and the Thomas Entrepreneur Center, the camp represents a rare opportunity for students to engage deeply with the world of technology and innovation. With a concerted focus on practical learning and experiential knowledge, the camp promises to be a pivotal journey that will transform the participants and their understanding of technology.

In an era where technology is increasingly shaping our future, initiatives like the digital skills summer camp are essential in preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. By creating an immersive and captivating educational experience, the camp intends to ignite a zeal for technology and empower students to pursue the vast opportunities that lie within the technological landscape.

Ultimately, the digital skills summer camp at CIS Academy is destined to be a comprehensive and transformative experience for students eager to enhance their technological acumen. Through a curriculum that prioritizes hands-on learning, practical experiences, and collaborative efforts, the camp is well-positioned to offer a summer of exploration, discovery, and innovation in the fascinating world of technology.

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