Unleashing the Power of Engagement: How the Hightouch-Iterable Alliance is Transforming Customer Connections

The dynamic realm of marketing technology is experiencing a profound transformation, propelled by an innovative partnership between Hightouch and Iterable, two titans in the sector. This alliance, which aims to revolutionize customer engagement, has recently been recognized with Hightouch receiving the esteemed Technology Partner of the Year award for 2024 from Iterable at the 2024 Expie Awards. This distinction highlights the extraordinary compatibility and shared objectives of the two firms, which are focused on redefining the personalization of customer interactions. At the heart of their collaborative efforts is the introduction of Smart Ingest, a pioneering feature poised to overhaul data management practices for marketers.

This strategic collaboration between Hightouch, an authority in the Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) niche, and Iterable, an innovator in AI-driven customer communication, transcends conventional corporate partnerships. It represents a merging of visions to democratize data accessibility for marketers around the world and to create new benchmarks for customer-centric marketing. By pooling their technological know-how, Hightouch and Iterable are poised to offer bespoke experiences and heightened performance marketing on a scale never before achieved.

Smart Ingest, a feature collaboratively developed by the two companies, epitomizes the essence of this partnership. It facilitates the seamless integration of additional data sources into the Iterable platform, enhancing its capabilities. With the integration of 10 new data sources—bringing the total to 14—Smart Ingest grants marketers the power to leverage their data to its fullest extent, refine their audience targeting, and deliver personalized communications across various channels with ease.

The true innovation of Smart Ingest lies in its ability to place marketers at the helm of their data strategy. By amalgamating critical customer data into a singular repository, Smart Ingest not only simplifies operations but also diminishes reliance on technical staff. This empowers marketers to rapidly adapt to evolving market dynamics and craft more effective campaigns, fostering impactful customer interactions and measurable business results.

Hightouch has carved out its niche as the preferred Composable CDP, enabling organizations to harness their data warehouses for customized marketing and business operations. Its impressive roster of clients, which includes industry heavyweights like PetSmart, The NBA, Warner Music Group, Calendly, Spotify, and GameStop, underscores its influential role in shaping the marketing technology landscape.

Iterable, for its part, has earned its acclaim through its AI-enhanced customer communication platform, which is trusted by market leaders such as Redfin, Priceline, Calm, and Box. Renowned for promoting growth via dynamic, personalized communications, Iterable strengthens customer relationships and drives business success by ensuring engaging interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Kashish Gupta, co-founder and co-CEO of Hightouch, has voiced his enthusiasm for the deepening partnership with Iterable, envisaging a future where data management for marketing teams is fundamentally transformed. The collaboration promises to empower marketers to utilize data with greater efficiency within their organizations, facilitating rapid movement and the delivery of more compelling personalized experiences to customers.

Smart Ingest’s integration into Iterable’s platform is a testament to the seamless cooperation between the firms. This feature is engineered to change how organizations engage with their customers by enabling marketers to effortlessly amalgamate data and enhance their targeting acumen. Smart Ingest signifies an important leap in simplifying the activation of new data for experiments, honing audience targeting, and scaling personalized communication.

The synergy between Hightouch and Iterable signals the dawn of a new era in marketing technology. United by the goal of delivering more powerful personalized experiences, their partnership is set to influence the future trajectory of customer engagement. As the industry continues to advance, the collective initiatives of Hightouch and Iterable will play a pivotal role in redefining the paradigms of personalized marketing. This promises an exhilarating future for marketers and organizations eager to elevate their customer engagement strategies to new heights.

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