ZhuyueWang Tech Joins Forces with AI Leader for GAME78 Expansion

On July 2, 2024, ZhuyueWang Technology officially announced a strategic partnership with a leading global AI computing platform, marking a significant milestone in the digital innovation landscape. This collaboration, unveiled at the “International Digital Sea” digital economy industry innovation conference, aims to revolutionize the intersection of artificial intelligence and the gaming industry. Central to this alliance is the “Game + AI” intelligent computing platform, designed to harness cutting-edge AI technology to deliver pioneering game experiences through ZhuyueWang’s flagship platform, GAME78.

The announcement event brought together ZhuyueWang Technology’s CEO and experts from GameIntellect AI, underscoring the importance of AI-generated content (AIGC) in modern game development. This collaboration is poised to set a new standard for AI applications in gaming by integrating advanced AI models, AIGC technology, and an active developer community. The partnership seeks to enhance various aspects of gaming, from narrative and character intelligence to player interaction, thereby accelerating game development. The endeavor promises to promote an era of increased intelligence and personalization in gaming while preserving the core element of enjoyment.

GAME78, the cornerstone of this collaboration, is rapidly emerging as a pivotal platform within the gaming ecosystem. With its robust service system, extensive user base, and multi-platform compatibility, GAME78 offers a vibrant arena for competition and creativity. The platform’s unique features include intelligent assistance for seamless login, immersive multi-level design, diversified gameplay options, and a sophisticated user interface that fosters an engaging playing atmosphere. Furthermore, GAME78 supports social interaction and strategic competition, enhancing user experience through dynamic ranking updates and personalized achievement displays.

The introduction of AI technology will first be applied to three flagship games on the GAME78 platform: Goku & Sea, Forest Dance, and Slots777. Each game is set to offer a transformed player experience through the integration of advanced machine learning algorithms. Goku & Sea, a popular competitive fishing game, combines traditional arcade gameplay with a richly detailed underwater world, featuring iconic elements from Chinese classical literature. Forest Dance captivates players with its vibrant visual effects and dynamic music, challenging them to develop quick strategies in a fast-paced environment. Slots777 blends traditional culture with modern gaming, offering a variety of slot machine styles and an immersive spinning experience that tests players’ luck and decision-making skills.

ZhuyueWang Technology, a leader in the domestic game development sector, has consistently demonstrated its expertise in network information technology and game software. Through its strategic focus on high-quality content, team building, and talent development, the company has produced widely acclaimed works. This partnership aligns with ZhuyueWang’s long-term strategy to leverage advanced technology for superior user experiences, thereby enhancing player retention and expanding market influence.

As these collaborative projects take shape, ZhuyueWang Technology is set to roll out the GAME78 platform to international markets, leveraging its global infrastructure to connect players worldwide. This initiative represents a significant step towards establishing a game brand with enduring core competitiveness, poised to leave a lasting impact on the global gaming industry.

For further information, please contact:

Chengdu ZhuyueWang Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Liexuewu
Email: chengduzhuyue@game78.com
Website: www.game78.com
Telephone: +8613982131076
City: Chengdu, Sichuan, China

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